As the father Hacı Mehmet Bahattin Ulusoy resigned the business to the hands of his offspring, the new era of breakthrough has begun for the next generation of Ulusoys, and Ulusoy Open Partnership was founded.


The constituent enterprises of the Ulusoy Open Partnership has been gathered under the roof of Ulusoy Commercial Investments Holding Inc., for which a new holding center was built in Yenibosna. The corporate capital, the finance and the legal structure have been enhanced and reinforced.


Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc. maintains its progress with a modern and dynamic mindset. The new strategy which is described as “expanding the company’s business further” has manifested itself through the innovation projects.


The Early Steps and Incorporation


Within years, Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc. has become a sector leader in maritime, energy and tourism industries. The first steps of the business have been taken by Hacı Mehmet Bahattin Ulusoy, who used to make transfers between Of and Çaykara through Solaklı Creek in 1925, and who begun the business of freight shipment in 1928.


As the father Hacı Mehmet Bahattin Ulusoy resigned the business to the hands of his children, the new era of a breakthrough has begun for the next generation, and in 1952, Ulusoy Open Partnership has been founded. As Yılmaz Ulusoy, the seventh son of the Ulusoy family, begun his career in Trabzon in 1952, the young generation of the family has taken decisions which would affect the future of the company: some siblings chose to stay in Trabzon, whereas others settled in Samsun, Ankara and Istanbul. In this period of expansion, Yılmaz Ulusoy’s preference was Samsun.


In the early 70’s, Ulusoy Tourism and Travel Inc. was founded and the Ulusoy family aimed at reclaiming Turkey’s touristic potential. In as soon as three years, Ulusoy Transport Company was established, hence a big period of breakthrough has begu in the field of international TIR transport. With the early 80’s, Ulusoy Maritime Inc. was also established in Samsun in full speed. In the meantime, the great investments in the tourism industry did not slow down. With Alanya Aspendos Hotel and Kemer Holiday Club coming into service, the Ulusoy brand made a significant name in the tourism sector.


The Holding Structure


The constituent companies of the Ulusoy Enterprises was brought together under the roof of Ulusoy Commercial Investments Inc. in 1995, and a new holding center was built in Yenibosna. The corporate capital and the financial and legal structures were enhanced and reinforced. Durinh 1995 and 1996, other maritime companies including Ulusoy Ro-Ro Enterprises Inc., Ulusoy Maritime Transport, and Ulusoy Shipping Enterprises Inc. commenced operation.


Having been expanding its field of business ever since the early days and having gained notable success in every innovation, Ulusoy put its signature under a brand new investment: Çerkezköy Ulusoy Textile Factory, which was founded in June, 1995 and was equipped with cutting-edge technology, commenced operation on 21 June 1997 with the Ceys brand.


Ulusoy Sea Lines Inc. started the ro-ro services in 1995 on the Samsun-Novorossisk itinerary. Owning Turkey’s second biggest fleet today, the company has been maintaining shipping enterprises since 2000 on Çeşme-Trieste and Zonguldak-Skadovsk itineraries. In accordance with the structural paradigm shifts of the new century, the operating rights of the Çeşme Port has been  taken over for a period of 30 years.


Restructuring Under the Leadership of Yılmaz Ulusoy


The late 2008 has been the start of a new era for Ulusoy Holding in its centenary history. The deepseated structure of 25 companies was restructured as Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc. under the leadership of Yılmaz Ulusoy. The new strategy of Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc. has been described as “expanding the business further through new investments” and was reinforced with a modern and dynamic corporate mindset. The Holding maintained its investments in four main sectors including energy, tourism, maritime abd construction. The sub-sectors of the Holding include media-publishing and insurance.


Yılmaz  Ulusoy Holding Inc. is determined to maintain its innovations and investments in accelerated speed also in the future, with the aim of supplying a high quality service to the nation and making a greater contribution to the national economy.