Our Mission

On behalf of Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc., our mission is to become the leader of the sectors in which we are active, by giving a high quality service and to pull our weight with regards to humanity, environment and universal values. In this respect, our aim is to accretively move forward to the future hand in hand with Turkey, of whose advances and evolutions we are both a witness and a part.


Our Vision

Ever since the Ulusoy brand has been founded, the principle “Everything in its right time” has been our primary vision and our heritage. For us, our mission signifies realizing every service and investment in the appropriate and efficient time, keeping up with the rapidly changing time and leading the change.



Corporate Values

Our company believes in an entrepreneur spirit based on values, and regards it as a crucial element which will render our success permanent in the sectors we are active in. In line with our vision and mission, we put ourselves in others’ shoes, we respect all our customers and partners, and we attempt to understand their needs and expectations.


Innovation: Our success as a company rises on innovation. Seizing innovative opportunities and ideas which will create a world to live in by enhancing our economy, developing new fields of operation, thus keeping up with the changes constitute the basic value produced by our deepseated infrastructure and experience.


Creativity: We rely on our creativity in order to reach for perfection, to take innovative opportunities, and to generate solutions for potential problems and rapidly changing expectations. Our catholicity is the safeguard of our creativity. We adopt bringing divergent experiences and approaches that will develop new and innovative ideas together as a principle.


Responsibility: We pull our weight for everything we do, every decision we make, and every promise we give. Contributing to the sustainable development in the sectors we operate and to the economic progress is our primary responsibility. We are in addition aware of our responsibilities to our society, the world and the nature. As a corporate structure, we maintain all our economic and social operations with the consciousness of creating a world to live in.


Truth: Truth is our guiding spirit. In our business relationships, we always give particular importance to honesty, legality and transparency.


Team Spirit: In order to assure permanence and stability, we encourage team spirit, and we confide in the sinergy it creates. In this respect, we encourage the professional progress of our employees by taking and giving responsibility.


Good Timing and Efficient Planning: As is due of our principle “Everything in its right time”, we believe that all actions and services should be realized in their right time and with a careful planning.