“Children, always do beat the clock. Be honest as long as you shall live. Live up to your promise at all events.”


When I think of my father Mehmet Bahattin Ulusoy, the remark of Gabriel Garcia Marquez that “A man knows when he is growing old because he begins to look like his father” occurs to me. My father, who always carried his load without regarding it as burdensome, and who despite the challenging circumstances did his business always ungrudgingly, had discovered the notion of “consumer satisfaction” through his accumulations at the school of hard knocks. From him I have learned a lot. After all that I have seen and have witnessed, I realized that he had learnt all that he had said not merely by reading, but by experience. So have I come to know the world by wandering, and not through maps and books.


We have always preferred to conduct the businesses which we knew well and in which we believed to succeed. In the business world, jumping at any sector or leaping forward prematurely and offhandedly without a good comprehension of one’s limits of know-how and talents pave the way for demolition. As the project originator of bringing the Ulusoy Enterprises under the Holding’s roof and entitling them a corporate identity, I believe to have created a brand of importance. In the meantime, Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc. is active in a number of sectors including tourism, maritime, energy and construction in particular.


As a time-tested businessman of notable success, I have learned that comparing yourself not with “the best” but with “your best” is what pays off! We shall continue moving forward, gaining speed and serving our land by comparing ourself with our best.



Yılmaz Ulusoy

Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc.

Chairman of the Board