The construction sector is regarded as a primary driving force of economic growth and development by Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc, which operates in two main branches in this field: residential and office buildings and restoration projects.


Established within the structure of Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding, Yılmaz Ulusoy Insaat Inc realizes various projects of boutique hotels, residences and offices. Kağıthane and Şişli projects which were conceptualized in 2011 have laid the foundations of the permanent operations led by Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc. in the construction sector.


Ulusoy Construction Inc. operate within the structure of Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc.  for the protection and restoration of many historical buildings which belong to the rich cultural heritage of Turkey, in order to regain them into the economic and cultural world.