Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc. adopts the initiation of new investments and advances as a principle and therefore took a decision of investment in the Turkish energy sector in 2008. Accordingly, in order to seize the new job opportunities in the energy generation sector and to contribute in the electricity supply safety in Turkey, the holding was organized to initiate a sustainable energy portfolio of 100 MW in the years 2009-2012.


With the foresight of the need for a qualified and safe energy supplier in the energy sector, Yılmaz Ulusoy Holding Inc. commenced the operations to create a portfolio within the holding structure in order to fulfill this need and to invest in renewable energy resources. An investment of 250 million USD within 3 years is set forth to build and manage power plants that operate on  renewable energy resources.


The 100 MW power plant portfolio that was created within the scope of investment plans is projected to combine nonpolluting wind and water plants.


In order to develop the energy production portfolio, an R&D department of national and international experts was established within the corporate center. The department follows closely the privatization projects in the energy sector, as well as new investment opportunities and technological advances such as the construction of solar plants.


The electricity that will be produced in the prospective energy plants on national and renewable resources is going to be ecological, safe,  high quality and sustainable; and is going to be brought into use in the free market and within the structure of Market Financial Settlement Center (PMUM) through mutual contracts.


All relevant carbon certificates are to be received, as clean energy is going to be produced in renewable energy plants. Therefore, an important contribution will be given in the carbon emission equalization processes of local and global companies  with an ecological responsibility.


The group is going to realize the first energy investment in the Black Sea region, through Vizara Hydroelectricity Plant in Trabzon. Vizara is currently in the process of conceptualization and is projected to be set into operation in the last quarter of 2011.